Get to know your smile type.

We all know the power of a smile. When we’re meeting someone for the first time, their smile can put us at ease. When we are mourning the loss of someone we love, the smile from a well-wisher can help ease our burden. And in our happiest of moments, no matter how hard we might try not to, our faces want to smile.

Similar to how there are various personality types that can help explain who we are and how we pursue our lives, there are three basic smile types. In 1974, a New York psychiatrist named Leonard Rubin, MD, identified three basic smile types from a study he conducted on 100 participants. Which one describes you?

Mona Lisa Smile Types

Mona Lisa Smile Type

You’ve likely heard of the Mona Lisa. You know, that famous painting of the woman, the portrait that hangs in the secured room at the Louvre in Paris? Whether you have seen the picture in person (trust us, it’s relatively small in real life) or you have seen it online, you have probably noticed that the corners of her mouth go up and outwards, exposing her upper teeth. In Rubin’s study, about two-thirds of the participants demonstrated this smile. For those with the Mona Lisa smile, the dominant muscle action comes from the zygomaticus major, the main muscle in your cheek.

The Canine Smile TypesCanine Smile Type

Have you ever seen a dog smile with those adorable canine teeth that stick out at the corners? That’s exactly what this smile is like. And just as it is endearing on your favorite Fido, it’s a charming look on a human as well. Just over 30% of Rubin’s survey participants showed this type of smile. With the canine smile, the dominant muscle action comes from the levator labii superioris, the muscles on each side of your nose.

The Full Dentured Smile Types

Full Smile TypeIt’s hard to find something creative to call this one, but it is bright and big. The lips are pulled back for this smile, showing both the upper and lower rows of teeth. In this case, only 2% of survey participants were found to have this type of smile, where all the facial muscles are equally dominant.

What Your Smile Type Says About You

Regardless which of the smile types you have, your smile says a lot about you. Many people will look at the curve of someone’s mouth to determine their mood. Your facial expression, especially the set of your mouth, can convey anger, fear, embarrassment, confusion, and deception. Though many people feel that the eyes give it away, the smile is a close second.

The smile and the gaze of the eyes are very closely linked. The muscles around the eyes can’t be forced to look happy. When people flash a genuine smile, their cheeks naturally rise, and the skin around their eyes bunches up. Thus, no matter how hard someone might try to change the expression in their eyes, their mouth will also follow suit and change too.

You’ve dreamed of enhancing your smile. Now, you can!

What if you want to improve your smile?

If you’ve always dreamed of making a change to your smile, no matter how small or big, your family dentist is a great place to start. However, don’t be surprised if your dentist has some questions for you that don’t seem like typical dental-focused questions. An excellent cosmetic smile makeover dentist will understand the psychology of a smile and will want to dig deeper into why you are requesting a change.

When your dentist is armed with this additional detail, the two of you can create the treatment plan that will best meet your goals and leave you with a winning smile that suits your personality and the rest of your face.

In many cases, your dentist will suggest dental implants. Dental implants are a great solution for those looking to improve the aesthetics of their teeth. Implants look remarkably like natural teeth and are designed to follow the natural contours that align with your mouth. Further, implants provide functionality and durability, all while being low-maintenance, comfortable, and relatively affordable.

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