Improved Healing With the SIROLaser

The SIROLaser is at the edge of new dental technology that has been created to both improve the patient experience as well as hand dentists the tools they need to perform with even more precision. Because the SIROLaser operates through a concentrated beam of light that is on a specific wavelength, it won’t harm surrounding tissue or structures during procedures. The light used also disinfects and cauterizes while your dentist works, reducing inflammation and the possibility of infection. It can be used for several periodontal applications including gum recontouring and tissue removal for implant procedures, as well as in cavity restorations.

Your dental health deserves the most advanced tools and techniques science can offer, and the SIROLaser by Dentsply Sirona is exactly that.

A state-of-the-art dental solution, the SIROLaser is a tool that allows Dr. Harrison to complete a variety of dental procedures while providing a more comfortable experience to patients. This dental laser allows Dr. Harrison to operate with a higher level of precision than previously possible. That means more healthy tissue will be spared during procedures. You will experience improved healing, less pain, and less inflammation post-procedure. In some procedures, you won’t even need anesthesia!

It allows Dr. Harrison to give you more precise treatment, with less anesthetic, less scarring, and faster healing. Your teeth and gums are worthy of the best.

“Dr. Harrison and her staff consistently provide caring professional dental care. I trust her professional opinion completely and I can’t imagine ever going to a different dentist.”


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