A smile makeover in Plano TX with Bioclear veneers can build your self-confidence

Elevate Your Smile’s Aesthetic

Dr. Harrison loves offering her patients long-lasting solutions and the best of modern dentistry, which is why Millennium Dental is proud to offer Bioclear to the Plano, TX community. A modern and noninvasive cosmetic dentistry treatment, Bioclear offers the high-end aesthetic results of porcelain veneers with the conservative application process of cosmetic bonding to correct chips, breaks, gaps between your front teeth, or black triangles at the gumline. Known formally as gingival embrasures, black triangles are small dark spaces that form between the teeth near the gumline as the result of orthodontic treatment, periodontal disease, or as a natural part of aging. Along with trapping food debris and plaque, black triangles can distract from your smile’s youthful appearance and overall beauty.

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What’s the difference between porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, and Bioclear?

While porcelain veneers only require a small amount of natural tooth structure to be removed to create the strongest bond and most natural appearance, some patients would rather not alter their tooth structure to get the dramatic results they crave. Because it adds to your natural tooth structure, Bioclear preserves your natural tooth structure and requires less preparation than porcelain veneers.

Along with preserving your smile’s natural strength, the application process makes Bioclear even stronger than cosmetic bonding, which is conventionally applied to teeth by layering composite resin. Though highly effective for correcting a range of cosmetic complaints, layering composite resin is not ideal for all cosmetic restorations, as it can cause uneven structural integrity. Because it’s applied in bulk instead of layering, Bioclear creates the most uniform structure for results that are as beautiful as they are strong and long lasting, leading to fewer failed fillings and cracked teeth.

Bioclear preserves your teeth and protects them in the long-term.

Bioclear Process

During your Bioclear treatment, Dr. Harrison and her team will thoroughly clean the surface of targeted teeth with a special cleaning agent that removes the biofilm from your teeth, ensuring no bacteria gets trapped beneath your restoration. Once your teeth have been cleaned, Dr. Harrison will fit a clear, tooth-shaped form around targeted teeth and inject the form with a liquid composite resin. Dr. Harrison will use an ultraviolet light to cure the composite resin and create a durable bond with your natural tooth structure before shaping and polishing your restoration to seamlessly blend with your smile’s natural appearance.
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