Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve your smile’s appearance.
Your sense of self-confidence can have a profound impact on your mental, emotional, and social health. If you feel less than great about your smile’s appearance, you may have had the experience of wanting to hide your teeth when you smile, laugh, or speak, which can lead to a lot of missed opportunities to fulfill your potential personally, professionally, or romantically.

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your gums or teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help you create a smile that reflects the self-confidence you want to express and experience. A combination of art and science, cosmetic dentistry can address multiple cosmetic concerns, from the shape of your gumline to stained, discolored, chipped, gapped, broken, crooked, or missing teeth.

Dr. Harrison and her team know how powerful it is to love your own smile and are honored to help you achieve the smile you seek. Whether you’re wanting to simply whiten your teeth or totally transform your smile’s appearance, Dr. Harrison will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that reflects your unique goals, needs, and financial comfort level.

“I highly recommend Dr. Jana Harrison for her knowledge and competency as a dentist. Her assistants are also wonderful.”


Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a highly versatile and permanent cosmetic dentistry treatment that can dramatically transform your smile’s shape and aesthetic, with a natural, luminous, and youthful appearance. Made of high-quality dental porcelain, veneers are thin tooth-shaped shells that are bonded to the front surface of teeth that are misaligned, uneven, damaged, discolored, or stained. Veneers are available in over a dozen tooth-colored shades and are custom-designed to resemble natural teeth in size, color, and shape.

A porcelain veneer treatment can often be completed in as few as two clinical visits and, with good oral health habits and routine dental visits, can last for 15 to 20 years before they need replacing. If you have a history of bruxism (teeth grinding or clenching), Dr. Harrison may recommend that you wear a nightguard to prevent unnecessary wear and damage to your smile investment.


Even if you practice great oral hygiene habits, you may have noticed that your teeth aren’t as white as you wish they were or they used to be. If you are happy with the alignment and spacing of your teeth but want to restore your smile’s youthful appearance, a tooth whitening procedure may be all that separates you from a bright, dazzling smile. Professional tooth whitening is effective and safe and produces a long-lasting return on investment. Millennium Dental offers both in-office whitening treatments with Zoom! and at-home whitening kits, enabling you to create a whitening experience that fits your expectations and needs.

During a Zoom! whitening treatment, Dr. Harrison and her team will apply prescription-strength whitening gel to your teeth for the most dramatic results in the least amount of time. Over the two-hour treatment, your teeth are then exposed to a special light, which enables the gel to deeply penetrate and break down stains on and in your teeth. For an at-home whitening experience, Dr. Harrison will provide you with a kit of peroxide gel and trays to wear on your teeth once daily for around two weeks.

Crowns & Bridges

If you have a tooth that is significantly damaged, decayed, or missing, a dental crown or bridge can restore your tooth’s function and shape while maintaining your smile’s natural beauty and integrity. When meticulously designed and crafted out of top-quality materials by a highly educated dentist, like Dr. Harrison, a dental crown or bridge can provide natural-looking results that last for decades.


A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cover made of zirconia, porcelain, gold, or metal alloys that repairs a tooth that’s become disfigured or damaged due to injury, weakness, or decay. Crowns can also be used to repair an expired crown or filling, anchor a dental bridge, or complete a dental implant restoration. Dr. Harrison will work with you to choose the crown material that meets your expectations and needs, with zirconia crowns typically her top choice for their superior strength, beauty, and longevity.


If you’re missing one or more adjacent teeth, you can reclaim your smile’s function and fullness, prevent undesirable changes to your bite and smile, and restore your sense of self-confidence with a custom dental bridge. Made of zirconia, porcelain, gold, or metal alloys, a dental bridge suspends one or more prosthetic teeth between two or more dental crowns, which are securely bonded to the natural teeth or dental implants that neighbor the gap. Dr. Harrison only uses the highest quality materials and dental laboratories and will work closely with you to craft a dental bridge that meets your desired aesthetic and functional outcomes.

“Dr. Harrison and everyone on her team is personable and professional. I just had a crown done, and was amazed at how quickly the time went by; it only took about 10-12 minutes once they actually started the process of the serious work on my tooth, after the numbing was done. Dr. Harrison is good with the administration of the anesthesia too, and it never feels very uncomfortable or lasts very long after the procedure is over. Many thanks to the whole group for as easy an experience as could possibly be expected!”


Tooth-Colored Fillings & Bonding

Composite resin is a simple, affordable, and versatile dentistry treatment that is used to give a natural finish to cavity treatment (tooth-colored fillings) and correct minor cosmetic concerns, including teeth that are cracked, chipped, discolored, gapped, short, or misshapen (cosmetic bonding). Composite resin requires little-to-no tooth preparation before treatment and preserves more of your natural tooth structure than amalgam fillings and porcelain veneers. During treatment, Dr. Harrison will precisely match the composite resin to your natural teeth before artistically sculpting the composite resin to achieve the results you seek. Your treatment will be set with an ultraviolet light, securely bonding the composite resin with the enamel of your teeth for a strong, long lasting, and aesthetically pleasing restoration that will last for years with proper care and oral hygiene.

As the application of bonding material is as much an art as it is a dental science, the experience and skill of your dentist significantly contribute to the results of a composite resin treatment. With years of specialized training, hands-on experience, and a natural aptitude for art and science, Dr. Harrison is honored to share her skill set with the Plano community. Along with ensuring you’re completely satisfied with the results of your tooth-colored filling or cosmetic bonding treatment, Dr. Harrison and her team will help you get the most longevity from your bonding treatment, with personalized guidance and twice-annual cleanings.

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