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Your Most Comfortable Dental Experience
From preventive care to restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments, your most positive dental experience is deeply influenced by receiving consistent care that supports your sense of comfort and safety. With a commitment to your best experience and healthiest smile, Dr. Harrison and her team have integrated the latest technological advances in dental equipment and techniques into every visit.


If you’ve ever left your dentist’s office unable to feel your face, you know how disruptive the lingering effects of local anesthesia can be. Along with drooling or being unable to properly eat or drink, a numb mouth can also have painful side effects later, as you may not realize you’re biting or chewing on the sides of your tongue or insides of your cheeks.

To prevent unnecessary injuries to your mouth and to help you return to life after a dental treatment, Millennium Dental offers OraVerse to both adults and children. The first and only local anesthesia reversal agent, OraVerse enables you to regain normal sensation twice as fast, minimize embarrassing drooling, and more quickly regain your ability to smile, speak, eat, drink, and get on with the rest of your day, safely and comfortably.

“I am very pleased with the service. Everyone is very polite, professional, and the office is well equipped with the most modern tools.”


Digital X-rays

Though they haven’t always been digital, X-rays have long been an invaluable diagnostic tool in dentistry for detecting issues that are below the surface or too small for the naked eye to see, including cavities, fractures, and impacted teeth. All forms of dental X-rays are considered safe for adults and children, though digital X-rays further increase your safety by using up to 70% less ionizing radiation, as they use highly responsive digital sensors instead of film. Along with producing better image quality of your oral structures and tissues, digital X-rays are immediately available for Dr. Harrison to view, easy to archive in your patient file, and better for the environment to boot.

For the safest and most efficient X-ray experience, Millennium Dental has fully integrated digital X-rays into our general, cosmetic, and restorative services. Before your X-rays are taken, your dental team will also take extra steps to minimize your exposure by covering you with a protective bib.

Intraoral Camera

By allowing you to see inside your mouth during treatment planning and dental procedures, an intraoral camera enables you to better understand your oral health needs, cosmetic goals, and options for your unique course of treatment. High-resolution images from an intraoral camera are displayed in real time, so you can ask questions, collaborate with Dr. Harrison, and make informed decisions about your smile’s immediate and long-term care. Images captured from an intraoral camera are also easily archived, creating an accurate digital record of your smile journey.

Digital Photography

Dr. Harrison and her team use digital photography to capture the success of your cosmetic or restorative treatment journey, and monitor concerning oral health trends, such as receding gums or shifting teeth. These high-resolution images are stored with your digital X-rays and intraoral camera images, giving you and your dental team the most complete picture of your smile’s well-being.


Cancers of the mouth and throat (called oral and pharyngeal cancers) impact thousands of Americans each year, with as many as 25% of cases proving fatal. Like all forms of cancer, the most successful treatment outcomes and highest survival rates result from early detection. As your primary oral healthcare physician, Dr. Harrison is committed to providing you with the latest advances in dental technology that detect even the subtlest signs of cell changes. Using an advanced oral screening device called Identafi, Dr. Harrison can identify biochemical and morphological changes in the tissues of your mouth, throat, tongue, and tonsils. Identafi uses multispectral and three-wavelength technology to identify microscopic abnormalities, even before they’re considered cancerous, so you can get the life-saving treatment you need as quickly as possible.

Surgical Microscopes

At some point in your life, you’ve probably seen your dentist wear an odd pair of glasses (called dental loupes) to closely examine your mouth and teeth. With even more precision and power than loupes, surgical microscopes create sharp, magnified images of the tissues inside your mouth. Dr. Harrison uses surgical microscopes to accurately perform intricate dental procedures that require the precision of magnification, such as cosmetic dental restorations, oral surgeries, and root canals (endodontic therapy). With the ability to clearly see the fine details and structures of your mouth and teeth, Dr. Harrison is able to achieve the best possible results, for both simple and complex cases.

Digital Scanner

As all of your teeth work together as a team, many preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments require a three-dimensional model of both arches of teeth, including veneers, crowns, bridges, implant restorations, nightguards, and mouth guards. Traditionally, this 3D model was made by having patients sink their teeth into two trays filled with a thick, gooey, and odd-tasting impression paste (called analog impressions). Along with triggering discomfort, gagging, or anxiety, analog impressions are highly susceptible to manual error, which means patients have to give more of their time to repeat the process again.

With a digital scanner, the Millennium Dental team can make accurate digital impressions of your mouth and teeth, without the risk of errors or gooey paste. The digital scanner, which looks like a small wand, uses light to capture high-quality images of your smile’s unique features, details, shade, and shape. Our scanner software processes and compiles these images into the three-dimensional images Dr. Harrison needs to craft the custom restorations that produce the highest quality results.

Sirona Laser

If you’ve been dodging the dentist due to the fear of discomfort or postoperative pain, the Sirona dental laser we use at Millennium Dental may be the solution you seek for a fast, comfortable, and positive dental experience. Dr. Harrison uses Sirona’s SIROLaser in place of a scalpel or hand tool to perform a broad range of dental procedures on soft tissues. This is a game changer for so many procedures, including gum contouring, periodontal therapy, and dental implant preparation. Sirona uses light energy in a very narrow, focused beam to accurately open, cut, remove, or shape soft oral tissues. Along with causing less tissue damage and bleeding for minimal scarring, soft tissues exposed to a dental laser are also simultaneously sterilized, which means better healing and a lower risk of infection. Because dental lasers are less invasive, many patients are able to experience a highly comfortable dental experience with less anesthesia than conventional treatment methods.

Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Along with increasing your risk for oral disease, snoring and sleep apnea prevent you from getting the sleep you need to function at your best every day. Offering the latest advances in wearable dental technology, Dr. Harrison can help you significantly reduce or eliminate the symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea and experience long-lasting relief. Snoring and sleep apnea appliances are portable, discreet, affordable, and don’t require surgery, which is why many patients with mild-to-moderate snoring and sleep apnea symptoms favor them over clunky CPAP machines and invasive surgical interventions. Dr. Harrison will work with your sleep professionals to create a custom sleep apnea appliance to treat the issue. Your oral appliance will be customized to comfortably fit your mouth while you sleep and it will work to keep your airway open and free so you can get your best night’s sleep.
“Jana Harrison and her staff provide exemplary professional service and care. Dr. Harrison is a very skilled dentist who utilizes the latest dental procedures and technology that ensure patient safety and comfort. She is very intuitive and quickly responsive to ensure her patients’ comfort and to minimize anxiety. This is an excellent dental practice.”


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