Brighter, Whiter Teeth with Zoom! Teeth Whitening

You can have the confidence that comes from a bright, white smile. If you are happy with the alignment and spacing of your teeth, a tooth whitening procedure may be all that separates you from a dazzling smile. Tooth whitening is safe, effective, and long lasting.

It is especially critical to receive whitening treatments prior to any other cosmetic dental procedures. Consider whitening your teeth first, then any future restorations we make for you will be matched to your whitened teeth, giving you fantastic results.


Imagine removing surface stains and having the white smile you’ve been wanting. Anyone can have the confidence that comes from having a bright, white smile. Tooth whitening with Zoom! is safe and effective.

The Zoom! tooth whitening system is a powerful, in-office procedure that produces fast, dramatic results. Dr. Harrison will apply a specialized gel to your teeth using a customized tray similar to a mouth guard. The customized tray is comfortable, allowing you to hold it in place for about an hour. During that time, a light that produces a specific wavelength interacts with the gel to break down even the strongest stains and discoloration. By the end of your appointment, you will have a smile that looks like it did years ago!

“This is the doctor and hygienist you want for great cleanings, crowns, veneers, fillings or any other dental procedures! The office staff are wonderful too!”


At-home Whitening Trays

These products use peroxide-based gels to bleach your teeth. Generally, the process involves the daily application of the gel in a formed “mouth guard” for about two weeks. Side effects may include short-term tooth or gum sensitivity.

In-office Whitening

Zoom! Whitening is a procedure that takes place in a single visit to our office. It involves the application of a specially formulated gel that, when exposed to a type of light energy, penetrates the stains in your teeth, breaking them down and leaving your smile brighter and whiter. The entire process takes under two hours. It is the best option if you want results quickly.

Porcelain Veneers

People who have tetracycline-stained teeth that cannot be whitened with traditional means, or people who want a more permanent solution should consider porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are the permanent tooth-whitening solution.
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