The Truth Behind Your Smile

Your smile is so important and for so many reasons—and, we’re not talking about the way it looks. The very act of smiling can boost your immune system and your physical health. Not only is your body more relaxed when you are smiling, but they are contagious. When someone smiles at you, it reduces your stress level and can make you feel welcome and more relaxed. You’ve probably heard the phrase “a smile speaks a thousand words.” It’s true! For this reason and so many more, it is indeed your most important physical feature.

Your smile is worth a thousand words.

Smiling is good for you and everybody around you. A smile, even when forced, can help pick us up just a little bit when we are feeling down. And one given to someone else can be life-changing. When we smile at people or feel the power of one, it can tell us far more than words can ever express, even if those words are written by the most eloquent of poets. Your smile is so important that we have put together a list of things you should know about yours and why it is your most important physical feature.

People’s looks may change, but their smile will always be recognizable.

It’s not uncommon to change hairstyles or facial features. Women often like to change their hairstyles and hair colors, and men may choose to grow a beard or goatee. Sometimes, these changes may make us unrecognizable. But when it comes to our smile, it will always be something you recognize in someone. After all, when we meet someone for the first time, we will remember their smile and their eyes.

The psychological power of a smile for yourself and others.

Your smile is the only real superpower that you might have. Sound a bit corny? Maybe it does, but it is true. Your smile holds many superpowers, making you look and feel younger, making you look thinner and in better physical condition, elevating your mood and creating a sense of well-being, inducing pleasure in the brain, and giving you a mood boost.

People can tell if you are happy, sad, malicious, or genuine.

When we offer a fake smile, our eyes will often betray us. We all provide fake ones here and there, whether it is when we are trying to smile at a joke that isn’t funny or trying to put on a happy face in a situation that we don’t want to be in. Sometimes, we want to make someone else feel good about something, even if we aren’t so happy about it ourselves. You can tell if one is fake by the absence of squinting eyes, the absence of crow’s feet, and being able to see the person’s bottom teeth.

A genuine and happy smile, on the other hand, engages the muscles around your mouth and eyes. This type is intended to show authentic enjoyment, delight, and pleasure, whereas a fake smile is simply a controlled contraction of the muscles around your mouth. A sad smile will appear much like a fake one, but the person showing the sad one will also likely demonstrate other signs of sadness or depression.

People will often judge your personality and character based on your smile.

It is human nature to make judgments on others based on their facial appearance and any preconceived notions that we might hold about them. When you greet others with a warm smile, they will likely perceive you as more welcoming and open—someone that they might like to spend more time with. A fake one can make people ponder whether or not you are someone they should get to know.

Your teeth affect your visual “age.”

Your natural teeth protect your jawbone and can help maintain the shape of the lower portion of your face. When you lose teeth, the supporting bone shrinks and thus causes those supporting muscles to sag. As a result, you may look older than you are. Healthy white teeth can make us look our age, if not years younger than we actually are. Many people who aren’t confident in their smiles look into makeovers to help improve theirs. In particular, teeth whitening and veneers are common dental treatments available through cosmetic dentistry for those looking for a new and improved smile and a boost to their oral health. Preventive care, however, remains the best way to protect your oral health and help you look your age.

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