As restorative dentistry evolves, patients like you are benefitting.

The world of dentistry is constantly advancing, and there’s no better example of that than restorative dental care. Restorative dentistry is a field of dentistry revolving around helping patients restore their smiles after experiencing tooth loss or severe tooth damage. Restorative dentistry primarily focuses on restoring functionality first, but naturally, there are cosmetic benefits that come with that as well. For example, replacing missing teeth will make it possible to properly chew your food, but it will also give you added confidence to have a complete smile again.

As a patient, your primary concern when it comes to restorative dental technology is how it benefits you directly, how the new technology can make your experience in the dental chair easier, or how your lifestyle can change for the better after a certain procedure.

Let’s go over three types of restorative procedures and touch on how accompanying forms of dental technology can make your time in the dentist’s chair more comfortable.

1. Dental implant technology and application have come a long way.

Did you know the idea behind dental implants stemmed from an accidental discovery back in 1952? Per-Ingvar Branemark, a Swedish physician and professor, discovered that titanium can readily integrate into the bone. Thus, the idea of dental implants was born, and Branemark was named ”the father of modern dental implantology.”

As you can imagine, the exact science behind dental implant technology has skyrocketed since 1952, and our modern implants have vastly improved. For example, smooth titanium posts were originally used, and while they did have success, research showed that switching to a post with a specialized porous finish improved integration and healing time.

Modern dental implants are less expensive than they once were, and patients are experiencing faster healing times than ever before. Implants are now a fairly standard procedure and have allowed patients with missing teeth to get the most realistic and long-lasting tooth replacement possible. Best of all, implant posts mimic a natural tooth and prevent bone loss in the jaw from occurring after losing a tooth.

2. Implant-supported dentures can replace your traditional dentures.

With the advances of dental implants changing the lives of so many patients, a similar form of restoration has really gained popularity: implant-supported dentures.

When it comes to restorative dentistry, dentures are perhaps one of the oldest forms. In fact, scientists and historians have dated the first pair of dentures back to 700 BC! Dentures are very common, especially among the elderly, but lately, more individuals are switching to implant-supported dentures.

Implant-supported dentures rely on dental implants to provide support to the false set of teeth. Many of the issues patients can experience with traditional dentures are remedied with implant-supported dentures. The added stability makes eating and talking much easier, plus there’s no dealing with messy, sticky adhesives or worries of a denture popping out of place. 

Another huge benefit of implant-supported dentures stems from the advantage of titanium posts preventing bone loss. A common side effect of traditional dentures is facial sagging from jaw and facial bone deterioration. Implant-supported dentures prevent this from happening.

Dr. Harrison offers All-On-4, a method that can replace a set of teeth using only four implants on the top and bottom set for a total of only eight implants in your entire mouth.

3. Porcelain crowns are a beautiful solution for troublesome teeth.

Having to extract your tooth is something your dentist doesn’t want any more than you do. The disadvantages of tooth loss have been a huge driving factor in dentists striving for better restorative alternatives and improving their ability to save weakened teeth.

Porcelain crowns are an example of how restorative dental technology has helped dentists save more teeth by being able to cap ones that have enough remaining healthy tooth structure. Crowns are nothing new, with the first modern crown being created in 1903 by Dr. Charles Land, but they have truly come a long way over the last few decades. 

Crowns are more durable than ever, and advances in crown placement practices mean patients have a much better experience. The design has definitely improved, and the ceramists at the labs creating porcelain crowns are artists at what they do.

Modern porcelain crowns look nearly indistinguishable from your surrounding natural teeth, thanks to accurate color-matching of the material and polishing of the crown surface after the permanent is placed.

On a side note, porcelain crowns can also be used to restore comfort and strength to overly sensitive teeth. Temperature sensitivity is a painful problem, but it can be solved by capping the tooth with a porcelain crown. In terms of function, you’ll once again be able to enjoy a cup of hot coffee or eat an ice cream bar without pain.

Other Ways Dental Technology Improves Your Experience as a Patient

Dr. Harrison is all about making her patients feel comfortable and relaxed in her chair, so you’ll find that Millennium Dental is outfitted with a number of awesome pieces of dental technology.

Some of the equipment used by Dr. Harrison during restorative dental procedures include: 

  • Digital X-Rays: Digital X-rays produce less radiation and require less time to take. This is safer for our patients and makes taking X-rays an easier process. 
  • Intraoral Cameras: Intraoral cameras give us a better look inside your mouth during the planning phase and the actual treatment. You can even look at the display and see exactly what Dr. Harrison is seeing.
  • SIROLaser: The Sirona Laser makes any type of oral surgery less painful and increases healing time. 
  • iDENTifi: The iDENTifi camera allows us to catch early signs of tooth decay before our eyes are able to.
  • Sedation: Your comfort is our primary concern, so we offer sedation options for our patients who feel anxious.

If you notice a member of our dental team using an interesting piece of equipment during your dental appointment, feel free to ask about it. We love to explain how our dental tech works and why we use it. 

Get your smile back with Dr. Harrison at Millennium Dental.

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