Create great family memories this summer in Plano, TX.

It’s been a long winter. We’re all aching to get out there during the warmer months and enjoy some quality time together. No school means more free time for the kids of Plano, TX, and this means more opportunity to plan some fun days out with the family. It’s time to bust out those short-sleeved shirts, soak in the sunshine, and check out some cool spots.

We’ve put together a list of 9 things that you and your family should consider checking out this summer in Plano, TX.

1. Downtown Plano

Downtown Plano is one of the most scenic cities on the map. Its rich historic area is six-blocks deep, containing cafes, bars, shops, historic buildings, and the like. Downtown Plano dates all the way back to 1896, making it one of the most storied cities in the great state of Texas. You’ll be able to attend incredible cultural events on the weekend, making each visit unique, even if you’ve lived in Plano all your life!

2. Shops at Willow Bend

Shopping anyone? Whether you need to stock up on clothes for the kids or are looking for an area to hang with friends, the Shops at Willow Bend is your answer. This picturesque area features awesome hangout spots for you to walk around, shops to check out, and beautiful areas to sit when you need a breather. Willow Bend is spacious, features amazing stores, and has an aesthetic filled with natural light, helping you get some vitamin D while you shop!

3. Angelika Film Center & Cafe

This film center has everything that you could want in a cinema! It’s located in the insanely popular Legacy Town Center (more on that in a minute), and features a high-end restaurant, the Angelika Cafe & Bar, which is located on the second level and offers a delicious menu. Angelika Film Center is a five-screen cinema, so you’ll have your veritable pick of movies while you check it out.

4. St. Andrew United Methodist Church

For those of you looking to sprinkle in a good sermon to your summer plans, the beautiful St. Andrew United Methodist Church is a great option. It offers a breathtaking aesthetic both inside and out. It shows an old-timey pew-style layout, with balconies and terraces galore. They have several tremendous sermons throughout the summertime. Even if you aren’t faith-based, it’s quite a spectacle to experience!

5. Shops at Legacy

Perhaps you want to accomplish a little shopping one day, but you don’t want to sacrifice the beautiful summer day indoors. If so, then Shops at Legacy is your go-to spot.

It’s an outdoor town center filled with beautiful, lush plantations and stores galore. It connects to Harold Bacchus Park, which is a historical beauty in its own right.

It has all the stops: cafes, bars, restaurants, name-brand stores, the works! Finish your trip with a movie at the Angelika Film Center or dinner at the Angelika Cafe.

6. JumpStreetSIX

Want to bring out the kid inside of you? If so, then JumpStreetSIX can offer a fun time for both kids and adults.

It features numerous trampolines for jumping, plus foam pits and ropes. This is the perfect day activity if you’re organizing a summer birthday party or just want a way for the kids to burn some energy.

7. Connemara Conservancy

Perhaps you’re looking for a beautiful area to walk around and take in the picturesque views of summer in Texas. If so, then no place does that better than the Connemara Conservancy. This entire prairie land is protected and benefits from several key donors who help its beauty to thrive.

You’ll get the chance to wander the 500 acres and see beautiful ponds, grasslands, and different animals that call natural Plano, TX, home. This area was once a family farm and has since been protected to foster its natural environment.

8. Pinstack

Pinstack: where an adult can be a kid! As the name would imply, this bowling alley maximizes fun and food with 28 full-size bowling lanes and a high-end restaurant. But that’s not all! This awesome spot also has laser tag, rock climbing, high ropes, arcade games, and party rooms to cater for your friends.

Make a day of this! Go bowling, go rock climbing, try out laser tag—it will all create a memorable experience with your children or friends.

9. Plano Balloon Festival

If you’re looking for family-oriented fun that’s sure to bring a smile to your face, the Plano Balloon Festival is a must-attend event. The balloons are a spectacle to behold.

As their website notes, this is a nonprofit agency that’s looking to educate people about hot air ballooning. They do this through various events, such as hot air balloon races and rides. It’s a Plano-based event that has guests and tourists coming to Plano, TX, from miles away. No matter how many years you keep going, it will always offer a great time.

Check out all these awesome spots in Plano, TX.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to enjoy in Plano, TX. We hope you can use this list as a starting point to build some great memories with your family this summer!

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