Your smile says a lot about you.

And we don’t just mean the shade of your teeth, either. You probably already know that smiling is contagious and that it can improve your interpersonal relationships. But did you know that it can also have a positive impact on your career?

From appearing more inviting to boosting your own sense of self-esteem, smiling is an important component of your professional image. Putting your best smile forward means being mindful of your dental health—which is why you should regularly visit an experienced dentist.

Read on to learn why a great smile can improve your job prospects, while also improving your success in your chosen career!

1. It helps during the interview process.

The first step of advancing in your chosen industry is to get your foot in the door. That usually requires a job interview, where all of your relevant skills and experience are taken into account.

It’s no secret that first impressions are important, and a friendly, confident smile goes a long way. This could be especially relevant if the job entails interacting face-to-face with the public.

Smiling is also an effective way to buy yourself a bit of time when asked a tough question during the interview process, rather than an awkward silence. It also helps everyone in the room relax a bit more.

2. It builds confidence.

Did you know imperfections can be beautiful? Just ask a Madonna fan how they feel about the gap between her front two teeth. Imperfections can add to the beauty and speak to a person’s personality. We hope you’re happy with your smile, imperfections and all.

Being happy with your appearance will help you approach tougher tasks with more confidence, whether that means going to a job interview or approaching a manager for a pay increase.

When you’re more confident with the health of your teeth, you’re more likely to smile. And that will communicate that confidence to a potential employer or boss, rather than covering up your smile.

3. It’s a sign of productivity.

Having great dental health not only potentially increases your chances of getting that job you want, but also for advancing within the company. Research has shown that if you have a nice smile (and show it often) you may appear happier, which is a sign of productivity.

Smiling often also shows you’re more willing to get along and work alongside other employees more effectively, and that it boosts overall morale. This link between happiness and productivity is backed by a study and shows those who are content in their jobs spend more time focusing on job-related tasks.

4. It helps with difficult conversations.

Whether you’re in a management position or you have to address a problem with a co-worker, smiling is a great way to break the ice.

Before you have to deliver feedback to a colleague, smiling can help put them at ease and make the conversation less awkward. On the flip side, if you receive job-related criticism, a smile can be a way to acknowledge what was said in stride.

Achieving genuine smiles sometimes takes practice, even if you have great dental health. However, having a nice smile will boost your confidence, which can help you avoid “fake” smiles.

5. It may reduce sick days.

One of the biggest benefits of having great dental health goes beyond appearance. There is a link between oral health and overall health, and neglecting dental checkups can cause you to develop illnesses that can become chronic.

For example, certain conditions such as periodontitis can lead to pneumonia, but it can also cause cardiovascular issues. If you have tooth pain or other oral issues, it may be preventing you from eating the healthy foods you need to maintain optimal health.

6. It can battle bad breath.

Everyone has a case of bad breath once in a while, whether it’s first thing in the morning before brushing or after a particularly spicy meal. However, while those problems can be remedied quite easily with routine dental hygiene, others may have a chronic problem called halitosis.

This problem can also be the result of teeth that are decaying, or another dental issue such as oral cancer, which should be screened for by an experienced dentist. It probably goes without saying that bad breath can impact you at work at any level, and also affect client relations.

Prime For Success With Great Dental Health

Having great dental health can give you an advantage at any stage of your career, whether you’re trying to land a position at your company of choice or you’re looking to crack into management.

Contact our dental office today to book an appointment for our services. We’ll help you take care of your smile.