Enjoying Life After Dental Implant Surgery

Whether you’re still debating whether to get implant-supported dentures or you’ve already had the surgery and need a mental health boost, these 10 tips can help you develop more confidence in your smile post-surgery.

1. Remember that you’re not the only person your age benefiting from dental implant technology.

The average adult between the age of 20 and 35 will have one or more missing teeth, and 2.2% of adults under the age of 65 have no natural teeth. Thousands of people in your age group have undergone dental implant surgery to restore their smiles.

You can even ask your dentist if they’ve had patients who’ve had dental implants or implant-supported dentures at a young age and how it positively impacted their lives.

2. Google celebrities who have had teeth replaced with dental implants, dentures, and bridges.

It’s easy to get starstruck and forget how Hollywood stars are people who also go through dental trouble. Hop on Google and take a look at how many celebs have prosthetic teeth. Christie Brinkley, Ed Helms, Steven Tyler, and Howie Mandel are just a few who’ve openly discussed their dental implants.

3. Use social media to find people your age who’ve undergone a dental implant or denture makeover.

Platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok have made it easy to find people sharing their stories about smile makeovers with dental implants, dentures, and other restorations. Seeing teens and young adults share their experiences can be a huge comfort if you’re struggling or feel alone about your tooth loss.

As a bonus, consider sharing your own story to help others in your situation!

4. The “fake it till you make it” approach to developing self-confidence is surprisingly effective.

Self-confidence is like a muscle; the more you work at it, the stronger it becomes. To start, think of someone who oozes confidence, like Beyoncé, and picture yourself in their shoes. Would she let tooth loss hold her back from living a confident life, or would she accept what’s happened and go out showing off her new smile for everyone to see?

5. Consider being open about your experience with friends instead of keeping it to yourself.

Being open about tooth loss and implant-supported dentures can be incredibly empowering because it removes the embarrassment and shame often associated with it. You might be surprised to discover how many of your friends have had a tooth removed or even have dental implants they’ve kept a secret.

6. Learn everything you can about dental implant technology before your surgery date.

Knowledge is power, and fully understanding how dental implant options work and why they’re beneficial will help you feel confident in your decision. It helps prepare you for life with implant-supported dentures and also encourages you to share your story with friends.

7. Don’t ignore your emotions: name them and understand why they’re happening instead.

All emotions are valid. Knowing you need implant-supported dentures might make you feel sad, embarrassed, angry, frustrated, or even lead to grief over losing your natural teeth. Rather than ignoring these feelings, verbally give them a name or write them down in a journal. Think about why you might feel that way, accept that it’s normal, and consider finding the positive to every negative feeling that comes your way.

8. Write yourself a reminder of why dental implants are worth the time and money.

Using a journal or your phone, create a note reminding you why you’ve invested your time and money into implant-supported dentures. Emphasize how they’re a superior tooth replacement option and why you decided to go with implant-supported dentures vs. traditional dentures. Write down how they’ll continue to give back to your oral health for the rest of your life by keeping your smile beautiful and youthful.

9. Grab a piece of paper and list everything you want to do after your dental implant surgery.

If you’re nervous about your dental implant surgery, combat the anxiety with positivity. Grab a pen and paper, and write down everything you want to do with your new smile. It might be feeling brave enough to ask someone on a date, or your boss for a raise, or something silly, like being able to eat your favorite steak or drink a milkshake without tooth pain.

10. Plan a party with loved ones or treat yourself to something special after your surgery.

Knowing you have something fun to look forward to after dental implant surgery and healing can really help you keep a positive mindset. You could plan a party with close friends and family to celebrate your new smile or do something more private, like reserve a table at a fancy restaurant or spend the day at a spa.

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